NEW YEAR, NEW DIRECTION – here’s your opportunity to become your own boss in 2024

Teach Yoga & Fitness at Studio NPR
Intuitive Wellness with Krysta

Attention fitness and wellness instructors ready to break free from the traditional studio or gym setting and take charge of your own destiny! Studio NPR is the ultimate choice for aspiring independent fitness practitioners.

More than just cost-effective, it’s a breath of fresh air – the ideal canvas for shaping your business on your terms. Located conveniently in historic downtown New Port Richey, Studio NPR caters to Yoga, Dance, Fitness, Tai Chi, and more, offering a spacious 1100 sq foot open floor plan.

This studio isn’t just a space; it’s your canvas, a sanctuary for crafting your unique fitness business. Take control of your schedule and promotion, empowering you to build a loyal clientele.

No need to navigate the promotional journey alone – we’ve got your back. Studio NPR supports your fitness and wellness classes by sharing your social media posts with our engaged followers and featuring your Facebook events on our Calendar of events.

Ready to kickstart your dream venture? Reach out today at 727.213.8788. Share your fitness/wellness goals, and let’s make your dreams a reality.

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MEETINGS & NETWORKING – get a jump on the New Year in your business

BNI Outlook to Success
BNI Outlook for Success Weekly Meeting

Brace yourselves for a business transformation with Studio NPR – your game-changer in New Port Richey. Just ask BNI Outlook for Success, our very first client!

Imagine hosting dynamic workshops, engaging seminars, or team-building sessions in a space that exudes professionalism and sparks creativity. When it comes to strategic planning, Studio NPR has the perfect vibe.

Located in the heart of downtown New Port Richey, we’re surrounded by an array of restaurants and coffee shops eager to cater to your needs. Planning an evening networking cocktail event? Local bartending services are at your disposal, ensuring your event is a massive success!

Studio NPR isn’t just a venue; it’s your secret weapon for success. From networking events fostering meaningful connections to corporate parties leaving a lasting impression – we’ve got you covered. Why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate your business experience?

Studio NPR is filling up fast for the first quarter of 2024. Don’t miss out!

Check our meeting venue rental rates, and find out what amenities are included. Then, reach out to Kira at 727.213.8788 to check availability or effortlessly send a booking request using the button below.

Your business deserves the extraordinary, and Studio NPR is here to make it happen. Let’s set the stage for your success!

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Kate Connolly Mayoral Candidate Campaign, City of New Port Richey
Kate Connolly Mayoral Candidate Campaign, City of New Port Richey

When we say Studio NPR is a multi-purpose event venue meant to provide a space for our community to come together and learn from one another, we mean it! 

City of New Port Richey Mayoral hopeful, Kate Connolly is hosting her campaign kick-off event at Studio NPR this month. 

Kate invites you to bring neighbors, family, and friends and learn more about the campaign and her reasons for running, sign up to volunteer, pick up signs, and donate.

All are welcome and it’s free to attend but donations are appreciated, big and small.
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