Seaside Sweet Shop Cookie Making Class at Studio NPR
Seaside Sweet Shop Cookie Decorating Class
Our Partners

At Studio NPR, we don’t just provide a venue; we cultivate experiences, fuel creativity, and contribute to the revitalization of our historic downtown. Created and managed by People Places LLC, our studio is more than (historic) brick and mortar – it’s a hub for community activation, a catalyst for economic growth, and a canvas for your unique events.

Our Mission: Revitalizing the Historic District

Studio NPR stands as a testament to People Places LLC’s commitment to breathing new life into our historic district. Our mission goes beyond providing a space; it’s about revitalizing, reimagining, and reigniting the vibrancy of downtown New Port Richey. We are here to be a driving force in transforming our community for the better.

Affordable Elegance for Every Occasion

We understand the importance of gathering, celebrating, and creating memories. Studio NPR is your affordable solution for intimate gatherings, workshops, pop-up markets, and more. Our 1100 sq ft space, with its chic exposed brick walls, convenient location, and inviting ambiance, sets the stage for events that leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank.

Nurturing Local Businesses: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Studio NPR isn’t just a venue; it’s a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs. We provide a platform for testing new products and services, offering entrepreneurs the chance to receive direct feedback from the local market. As part of our commitment to community growth, we believe in empowering local businesses and creating a space where innovation thrives.

Collaboration Hub: Connecting Services and Needs

Our studio acts as a nexus for collaboration. By hosting events, we create opportunities for local restaurants, bartenders, and party planners to showcase their services. The symbiotic relationship between Studio NPR and these service providers not only adds value to our events but also bolsters the growth of our local business community.

Creating Value for Residents and Businesses Alike

At Studio NPR, our vision is rooted in community enhancement. By adding to the activation of downtown, we contribute to the overall appeal of our city, making it a more attractive place to live, work, and play. The success of our events ripples through the local economy, creating a win-win scenario for both residents and businesses.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Whether you’re seeking an affordable event space, testing out a new business concept, or simply looking to be part of a community-driven initiative, Studio NPR invites you to join us on this journey. Together, we can continue to elevate downtown New Port Richey, one event, one entrepreneur, and one celebration at a time. Welcome to Studio NPR – where events come to life, and communities come together.